Virtual Asia Innovation Show 2022
(V-AIS 2022)

5-6 March 2022

Empowering Innovation Towards Global Environment Sustainability


  1. Due to the overwhelming response to our competition, we decided to extend the registration period until 30th Jan 2022. Thanks to everyone for supporting our innovation show.
  2. Application for Jury only open for International Jury. We encourage applications from the international jury. Click here to apply.


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We are seeking innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to accessibility-related barriers in the community. We invite all professionals and students to use their creativity, working individually or in teams with industry, government and community partners, to identify an accessibility-related issue, and create an innovative and unique solution to it.

Prizes & Awards

Prizes will be awarded to the best ideas in the following categories:

VAIS2022 – Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)
Double Gold special Award with Distinction:
RM3,000 Cash & e-Certificate

VAIS2022 – Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)
Double Gold Special Award with Excellence:
RM1500 & e-Certificate

VAIS2022 – Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)
Double Gold special Award with Merit:
RM1000 & e-Certificate

VAIS2022 GOLD: High Prestige Innovation Awards
(12 x RM500) & e-Certificate



Call For Jury

V-AIS 2022 would like to invite a vast experience industrialist, academician or practitioner to become a juror and part of the
V-AIS 2022 team. The number of juries selected depends on the number of projects for each area.

Jury’s Job Scope:

Assignment for juror: 3 to 4 videos (4-minute video each)
e-Certificate will be awarded to all jurors who have completed the task and there is a chance for the jurors to get the Best Jury Awards.

Fill in the jury application form below.

Listed here are some of our jurors as approved by the V-AIS 2022 committee. They come from various institutions across Malaysia and worldwide ( Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Greece, India, Pakistan, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic ).
We are still reviewing many more applications to be approved. Stay tuned !!!

🇲🇾 Mr Abdul Aziz Bin Ab Nasir Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’Adzam Shah | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Affizah Binti Mohamad Ghaffar Politeknik Muadzam Shah | Malaysia
🇮🇩 Dr. Aisyah Larasati Malang State University | Indonesia
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Akmal Hadi Bin Ma’Radzi Universiti Malaysia Perlis | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Aminabibi Saidalvi UiTM Cawangan Johor | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Asrani Lit Universiti Malaysia Sarawak | Malaysia
🇲🇾Associate Prof. Azrul Abdullah Universiti Teknologi MARA | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Azunaidi Bin Abdul Aziz Board Of Engineer Malaysia | Malaysia
🇮🇹 Mrs/Miss Chiara Martelli University of Bologna Italy
🇬🇷 Mr Dimitris Dragatidis Athens University of Economics and Business Greece
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Dr. Maegala Nallapan Maniyam Universiti Selangor | Malaysia
🇮🇳 Associate Prof. Dr. N. K. Udaya Prakash Department Of Biotechnology, University, Chennai India
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Dr. Nurulwahida Hj Azid @ Aziz Universiti Utara Malaysia | Malaysia
🇬🇷 Mr Evangelos Georgiou Athens University, Aueb Greece
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Fazida Hanim Hashim Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mrs/Miss Halina Hassan UniKL MSI | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mrs/Miss Hilwana Abd Karim UiTM Cawangan Negeri Sembilan | Malaysia
🇵🇰 Dr. Hussain Shahbaz University of Okara Pakistan
🇲🇾 Mr Jahidih Saili UiTM Cawangan Sabah | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. M Norazizi Sham Mohd Sayuti Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ir. Mah Siew Kien Nilai University | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Md Nor Ramdon Bin Baharom Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia| Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Mohamad Annuar Bin Morzuke Kolej Komuniti Seberang Jaya | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Mohamad Arif Bin Yaacob Oil And Gas Plant | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Mohamad Azlan Bin Abd Majid Universiti Malaya | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Mohamad Fadhili Bin Yahaya UiTM Cawangan Perlis | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Mohammad Aizat Bin Basir Universiti Malaysia Terengganu | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Mohammad Taufiq Abdul Ghani Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Mohd Edyazuan Azni UniKL MICET | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Mohd Khairi Bin Mohamed Nor Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Mohd Syahrul Hisyam Bin Mohd Sani UiTM Cawangan Pahang | Malaysia
🇵🇰 Mr Muhammad Aftab University of Okara Pakistan
🇲🇾 Mr Muhammad Awais Farooqi Pentamaster Corporation Bhd | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Muhammad Najib Khir Bin Othman Drone Tech Imaging | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Ng Perng Jeu Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman | Malaysia
🇬🇷 Mr Nikolas Papadopoulos Athens University of Economics and Business Greece
🇲🇾Ts. Noor Muzlinda Bt Mat Hashim Kolej Komuniti Kuala Terengganu | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Nor Aizam Bint Muhamed Yusof Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Nor Azhar Bin Ahmad Universiti Malaysia Pahang| Malaysia
🇲🇾 Associate Prof. Nor Muzlifah Mahyuddin Universiti Sains Malaysia | Malaysia
🇭🇺 Mrs/Miss Nora Pal Corvinus University of Budapest Hungary
🇲🇾 Mrs/Miss Noraini Binti Mohd Banua Bandar Darulaman Community College | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Norashida Othman UiTM Cawangan Selangor | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Norleeza Bt Muhammad Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah| Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Normaizatul Akma Binti Saidi Universiti Malaysia Kelantan | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mrs/Miss Norsalina Binti Hassan Politeknik Seberang Perai | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Nur Hanim Binti Othman Kolej Komuniti Jelebu | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Nurul Huda Osman Universiti Putra Malaysia | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Rama Rao A/L Lachanna Politeknik Banting Selangor | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Richeal Phil Thien Kim How Scholarship Division, MoE | Malaysia
🇮🇳 Dr. Sajith Thottathil Abdulrahman Kmea Engineering College, Ernakulam, Kerala India
🇵🇰 Dr. Saqib Jamil University of Okara Pakistan
🇧🇪 Mrs/Miss Sarah Adilah Binti Mohd Subri Ku Leuven Brusse, Belgium | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Sayed Yusoff Bin Syed Hussain Kolej Matrikulasi Kelantan | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Shamsuddin Bin Amin Beaufort Community College (Ministry of Higher Education) | Malaysia
🇺🇿 Dr. Shoirakhon Nurdinova Center for Economic Research and Reforms Uzbekistan
🇮🇩 Dr. Siti Sendari Malang State University Indonesia
🇲🇾 Mrs/Miss Siti Zarida Binti Syed Nordin Politeknik Ungku Omar | Malaysia
🇵🇰 Mr Sohail Maqbool University of Okara Pakistan
🇲🇾 Mr Sulaiman Mahzan UiTM Cawangan Melaka | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Ts. Suresh Thanakodi Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Ts. Dr Vinothini Kasinathan Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation | Malaysia
🇵🇰 Dr. Umar Iqbal Siddiqi University of Okara Pakistan
🇨🇿 Mrs/Miss Veronika Hojna Prague University of Economics and Business Czech Republic
🇲🇾 Dr. Wan Farah Wani Wan Fakhruddin Universiti Teknologi Malaysia | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Dr. Wan Ismahanisa Ismail UiTM Cawangan Pulau Pinang | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mr Yogeswaran A/L Tamil Selvam Kelab Rakan Udara Malaysia | Malaysia
🇲🇾 Mrs/Miss Zaridah Zakaria Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah International Islamic University Malaysia

Purpose of Exhibiting

Advertise your innovation

Sell your patent

Technology Transfer

Search for Investors

We Accept All Language

Make your point in your preferred language.

We accept any language in a video presentation subject to providing an ENGLISH subtitle of your presentation


  • Mechanics/ Engines/ Machinery/ Tools/ Industrial Process/ Metallurgy
  • Computer Science/ Software/ Electronics/ Electricity Methods of Communication
  • Building/ Architecture/ Civil Engineering/ Construction/ Materials/ Woodwork
  • Sanitation/ Ventilation/ Heating
  • Security/ Rescue/ Alarm
  • House-keeping and nutrition
  • Commercial, Management, Industrial and Office Equipment
  • Agriculture/ Forestry and Garden/ Pet and Farm Animal Supplies
  • Traffic/ Transport/ Car Accessories
  • Medical Technology/ Medicine/ Hygiene/ Cosmetics
  • Graphic Arts/ Advertising
  • Teaching, Research and Pedagogical Items
  • Games/ Sports/ Hobby
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental Protection
  • Other Innovations and New Practical Products

Important Dates


Extended Registration Closing Date  : 30 Jan 2022



Payment Instruction

Bank In/ Transfer To Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)

Bank Account: 07010003164717 ( Bank Muamalat)

International Payment: ToyyibPay

Yes, you are the one!

  • All applications must be the original work of those making the submission.
  • No Maximum number of group members. The more the merrier.
  • Participants must submit an abstract in English.
  • Don’t worry, you can create a video presentation using your preferred language with English subtitle.
  • Submission is only valid once the payment has been made.​

Make Your Move. Register Now!

  1. Go to

  2. Register your account.
  3. Create your project.
  4. Make payment and upload.
  5. Create a video and share it with us.

Video Submission Instruction

The structure or storyline of the video is totally depending on the creativity of the participants. However, it is recommended that the content of the video should fulfil the judging criteria to have a chance to get higher marks. Video presentations for V-AIS 2022 should be submitted by 21 February 2022.

The maximum duration of the video is 4 minutes in mp4 format and must be uploaded as one single file of the highest quality. Please refer participant type of conduct below.

The participant shall not do any of the following:

  1. the innovation product or presentation that violates or contravene any religion, cultural, custom and morality;
  2. any act or presentation that defame, abuse, harass, threaten or violate the legal rights of others;
  3. infringing any material protected by intellectual property laws unless the User is the registered proprietor or owns the material;
  4. distribute, publish or disseminate any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, immoral or unlawful material;
  5. upload, e-mail, transmit or provide any unsolicited advertising of any goods or services, t or forward any surveys, contests, or “spam” etc.
  6. upload or attach files that contain viruses, corrupted files, software or programs that may damage the operation of another’s computer;

Judging Evaluation Criteria

  1. Presentation
  2. Problem Statement
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. Demonstration
  5. Functionality
  6. Originality
  7. Cost-effective
  8. Commercialization Potential

Download Details here

Make Your Move. Register Now!

  1. Go to

  2. Register your account.
  3. Create your project.
  4. Make payment and upload.
  5. Create a video and share it with us.

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Virtual Asia Innovation Show 2022



+011-5683 0873

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