Virtual Asia Innovation Show 2022
(V-AIS 2022)

5-6 February 2022

Empowering Innovation Towards Global Environment Sustainability


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We are seeking innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions to accessibility-related barriers in the community. We invite all professionals and students to use their creativity, working individually or in teams with industry, government and community partners, to identify an accessibility-related issue, and create an innovative and unique solution to it.

Prizes & Awards

Prizes will be awarded to the best ideas in the following categories:

VAIS2022 – Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)
Double Gold special Award with Distinction:
RM3,000 Cash & e-Certificate

VAIS2022 – Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)
Double Gold Special Award with Excellence:
RM1500 & e-Certificate

VAIS2022 – Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)
Double Gold special Award with Merit:
RM1000 & e-Certificate


Prizes & Awards

Call For Jury

V-AIS 2022 would like to invite a vast experience industrialist, academician or practitioner to become a juror and part of the
V-AIS 2022 team. The number of jurors selected depends on the number of project for each area.

Fill in the jury application form below.
The deadline for the application is on 15th January 2022.

Purpose of Exhibiting

Advertise your innovation

Sell your patent

Technology Transfer

Search for Investors

We Accept All Language

Make your point in your preferred language.

We accept any language in video presentation subject to provided ENGLISH subtitle of your presentation. 


  • Mechanics/ Engines/ Machinery/ Tools/ Industrial Process/ Metallurgy
  • Computer Science/ Software/ Electronics/ Electricity Methods of Communication
  • Building/ Architecture/ Civil Engineering/ Construction/ Materials/ Woodwork
  • Sanitation/ Ventilation/ Heating
  • Security/ Rescue/ Alarm
  • House-keeping and nutrition
  • Commercial, Management, Industrial and Office Equipment
  • Agriculture/ Forestry and Garden/ Pet and Farm Animal Supplies
  • Traffic/ Transport/ Car Accessories
  • Medical Technology/ Medicine/ Hygiene/ Cosmetics
  • Graphic Arts/ Advertising
  • Teaching, Research and Pedagogical Items
  • Games/ Sports/ Hobby
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental Protection
  • Other Innovations and New Practical Products

Important Dates


Registration Closing Date  : 15 Dec 2021



Payment Instruction

Bank In/ Transfer To Malaysia Innovation Association (MIA)

Bank Account: 07010003164717 ( Bank Muamalat)

International Payment: ToyyibPay

Yes, you are the one!

  • All applications must be the original work of those making the submission.
  • No Maximum number of group members. The more the merrier.
  • Participants must submit an abstract in English.
  • Don’t worry, you can create a video presentation using your preferred language with English subtitle.
  • Submission is only valid once the payment has been made.​

Make Your Move. Register Now!

  1. Go to

  2. Register your account.
  3. Create your project.
  4. Make payment and upload.
  5. Create a video and share it with us.

Video Submission Instruction


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The Secretariat
Virtual Asia Innovation Show 2021



+011-5683 0873

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